Based in Vancouver, Canada, Cathryn John is an international award-winning designer and nationally recognized illustrator. She’s been drawing since she was very young, when she was first inspired to pick up a pencil by her older sister. As a child, she could be found doodling on all of her notebooks in school or playing “pass the drawing” with her family. Her experience in the creative industry is varied, which allows her to tackle projects from an informed perspective. She’s passionate about human rights, social justice, and protecting the environment. 

You can find Cathryn’s work on her website: or on Instagram and Facebook at@flo.studios

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"This is a beautiful book both inside and out. I read it to my preschoolers today they loved it. The story, illustrations, and message are amazing and uinifying."

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"The Bird and the Whale is a wonderful story about how two friends learned to appreciate their differences. It's perfect for young children, though I imagine parents will love reading this to their littles just as much as the littles will love reading it themselves. It has beautiful illustrations on every page, and my copy even came signed by the author."

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"Great story for the littles. I read to my kids before bed and this book was a great gift we all enjoyed together. It’s illustrated beautifully with a sweet story line. Must read :)"

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